Domestic pottery in Sudan (past, present and future)
Assistant Professor Dr. Leila Mukhtar Ahmed, Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of Fine and Applied Art

This study aims at exploring the continuity and development of pottery in Sudan since the stone ages, Kerma and Meroe Civilization and the Christian civilization until now. It also aims at exploring the contribution of the Nuba mountains region in traditional pottery, in the production of pottery.

This was achieved through the study of products, skills and techniques. This region was distinguished with developed pottery compared with other regions in Sudan.
Aromanians, the romanized natives of the Balkans
Aromanians are a Romance ethnic group, representing a branch of the Romanian people; they were spread all over the Balkans, easily adjusting to the new cultural contexts and perfectly fitting in the new communities. The Aromanians or Vlahs are mentioned in many sources and documents throughout the centuries.

Their particular identity emerged during the XIX century, when the rise of nationalism involved also the Latin speaking population, who demanded the protection of the Sultan against Greek propaganda and denationalization policies.
”Mastery from Near and Far“ exhibition dedicated to ХV International Fair of Traditional Crafts
The exhibition “Mastery from Near and Far“ was opened on 16th June at 12:30 h, on the premises of the Wood-Carving Workshop at Etara Ethnographic Open-Air Museum. It is dedicated to the forthcoming ХV International Fair of Traditional Crafts. The display revisits the development of the Fair over time.

The exhibition “Mastery from Near and Far“ is the work of Velichka Ilieva, Chief Curator, and Rositsa Bineva, Curator of "Crafts“ Department.

The display is on until the end of September.
”Winning with Craftsmanship“ exhibition to open at Etar EOM
The exhibition ”Winning with Craftsmanship“ features more than 150 items relating to craftsman competitions held during the International Fair of Traditional Crafts over the years.

The first craftsman competition was launched in 1981 to join celebrations of the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian state.

The exhibition ”Mastery from Near and Far“ is the work of Velichka Ilieva, Chief Curator, and Rositsa Bineva, curator of ”Crafts“ Department.
Icon-Painting is the theme of the Craftsman Competition during XV International Fair of Traditional Crafts
The icon is not just a work of painting put on the wall to be admired. It is the connection with the yonder life'. This is the firm belief of Plamen Malinov, a famous icon-painter who works at the Icon-Painting Workshop of Etar EOM.

”An icon is not a regular work of art to hang in the wall. It is not an object for mere admiration. It is the connection one has with the yonder world. There are icons which can cure and this is very much up to the icon-painter and to the man facing the icon. Icons have different influence on different people because the strength of faith varies from person to person.“
The website of the International Fair of Traditional Crafts has been active since 2003

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