Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the XV International Fair of Traditional Crafts from 2nd to 6th September 2017 at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum "Etar“, Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

For the first time the fair was held in 1990. The event aims to restore a fair from the recent past in a museum environment with an emphasis on handicrafts. Since 2003 the fair has been held with international participation. This provides an ample opportunity to draw a parallel between the world and Bulgaria's cultural heritage.

The International Fair of Traditional Crafts at "Etar“ is unique for being the only fair based on a museum concept with strict adherence to tradition. The forum's purpose is to inform and educate, as well as to promote the mission of preserving the cultural heritage. During the days of the fair local and foreign craftsmen get together, exchange know-how and make contacts. Meanwhile the event affords an opportunity for visitors to experience traditions in a unique manner.

The programme of the XV International Fair of Traditional Crafts includes:
  • International Fair of Traditional Crafts (2nd – 6th September)
  • International Craftsman Competition in Icon-Painting (2nd – 5th September)
  • International Scientific Conference "Traditional Crafts – Past, Present and Future“ (4th – 5th September)
  • "Textile Articles“ Bazaar Exhibition (2nd September – 20th October)
  • "Traditional Technique of Decoration and Dyeing“ Bazaar Display (2nd – 3rd September)
  • "ArtZone“ Bazaar Display (4th – 6th September)
  • "Mastery from Near and Far“ Exhibition (June – September)
  • "Traditional Crafts from Iran Exhibition (2nd – 6th September)
  • Re-enactments and demonstrations of home occupations and folk customs (4 – 6th September)
  • Music and dance programme (2nd, 3rd and 6th September)

Assoc. Prof. Svetla Dimitrova
Director of EOM "Etar"
The website of the International Fair of Traditional Crafts has been active since 2003

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