The International Fair of Traditional Crafts at the Ethnographic Open Air Museum “Etar" is the only one fair, organized on museum concept and with strict adherence to the traditions. The purpose of the fair is to educate and train as well as to promote the mission of safeguarding the cultural heritage. During the days of the event artisans from Bulgaria and foreign countries meet, exchange experience and make new contacts, and the visitors get the opportunity to experience the traditions in a unique way.

The programme of the 16th International Fair of Traditional Crafts includes:
    SEPTEMBER 6ᵀᴴ – 9ᵀᴴ
    International Fair of Traditional Crafts
    Artisans from near and far meet at the Fair exhibition. They present the preserved traditional techniques and the contemporary state of the crafts. The articles of the artisans comply with special requirements: to be handmade with traditional tools; the raw materials, from which they are made, to be characteristic of the relevant craft; to keep in touch with traditional rituals. This year artisans from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, England, Hungary, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Republic of South Africa and other countries will participate in the fair exhibition.
    SEPTEMBER 5ᵀᴴ – 8ᵀᴴ
    International Craftsmen's Competition in Stonemasonry
    For the first time in the history of the competition, the subject is stonemasonry. Masters from the Association of the Bulgarian Stonemasons will compete. 5th – 8th of September 2018, beginning 5th of September from 1:30 PM.


    Students from the only one school of stonemasonry on the Balkans – Professional High School of Stonemasonry in Kunino will take part in the youth section. 6th – 8th of September 2018, beginning 6th of September from 1:30 PM.

    SEPTEMBER 6ᵀᴴ – 30ᵀᴴ
    Exhibition bazaar “Icon Painting"
    From 6th of September the exhibition bazaar of the icon – painter Stella Vassileva from Troyan can be seen in the exhibition hall above the woodcarving workshop at the Ethnographic Open Air Museum “Etar". She is the winner of the big award Silver Cow-bell" from the International Fair of Traditional Crafts, held in 2017.

    Masters from Bulgaria, Albania, Russia, Romania and Ukraine took part in the competition in icon painting in the last year.

    SEPTEMBER 6ᵀᴴ – 9ᵀᴴ
    Exhibition bazaar “Art Zone”
    In 2018, for the second time in the days of the fair, there will be an area, where contemporary artists can present their own interpretation of the traditional crafts. The visitors can see the development and the modern application of various old techniques of sewing, knitting, decoration, etc.
    SEPTEMBER 7ᵀᴴ – 30ᵀᴴ
    Exhibition “Palestine – the Holy Land”
    The Embassy of the State of Palestine guest-appears with an exhibition featuring traditional crafts from the region. You can see it during the Fair in hall at Krastnik Koltchov Inn. 7th – 30th of September 2018, beginning 7th of September from 1:00 PM.
    SEPTEMBER 6ᵀᴴ – 9ᵀᴴ
    Re-enactments and demonstrations
    The re-enactments are traditional attraction in the days of the fair. Some little-known and curious activities are shown, which were part of the life of our ancestors in the past.

    During 16th International Fair of Traditional Crafts the following re-enactments are intended:
    — Churning of butter in a wooden churn-staff at the Balkan mountain dairy.
    — Knitting with corn husks by Penka Nikolova on a veranda of a house in the craftsmen‘s street.
    — Smoking and drying of plums at the devices for smoking and drying of plums.
    — Knitting of baskets out of traveller‘s joy and osier next to “Karadzheika” water-mill.

    The re-enactments are located in different places in the museum aside from the fair exhibition. The aim is to enliven the exhibitions on the second floors of the houses in the craftsmen's street, as well as and less familiar museum sites – dairy, devices for smoking and drying of plums.
    Folklore programme (open stage)
    The website of the International Fair of Traditional Crafts has been active since 2003

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