Rules and Procedure

International Craftsman Competition in Icon-Painting
2nd-5th September 2017, ”Etar“ EOM, Gabrovo
I. Goals
To present and promote the traditional iconographic schools from the past with their characteristic subject matter, motifs, techniques and materials.

To present the diversity in the art of iconography.

To be one of the main highlights during the XV International Fair of Traditional Crafts.
II. Terms and procedure
The Competition opens on 2nd of September (Saturday) at 1 PM and will be on until 5th of September (Tuesday) when it will close at 3 PM.

Access to the Competition is provided only to artisans who have been invited by the organisers to take part.

The selection of contestants is done with the help of specialists, the Fellowship of Masters of Folk & Art Crafts, the National Chamber of Crafts and universities.

To prove their skills, the participants shall create one compulsory article (work of art) and will finish a second one of their own choice.

The compulsory article is a traditional motif from an icon. It is chosen by the members of the jury. A photo – a copy of the icon from which the motif has been selected, will be made available to the participants.

The organisers shall provide materials needed to create the compulsory article. The participants are expected to bring the necessary materials for the second article themselves.

The organisers cater for equal conditions of work – every day from 9 AM to 6 PM (the first and the last day of the competition are an exception).

The second article – an icon, is either created in advance or is finished during the competition proper. In case the icon is already finished, it is enlisted in the creative biography of the respective craftsman. Desirably, the article (the icon) shall display a characteristic technique, motif, material or topic typical of the craftsman's country of origin. The participants in the Competition shall organize by themselves and at their own expense the export of the second article from their respective country.

The compulsory article in the Craftsman Competition shall become property of ”Etar“ Museum. The organisers reserve the right to use and copy the image of the second article. The article can be donated to ”Etar“ Museum's collection at the will of the respective participant in the Craftsman Competition.

After the end of the Craftsman Competition both articles participate in an exhibition until the end of the September, 2017.

The materials and expenses related to the preparation and organisation of the competition (transport in the territory of Bulgaria, daily expenses and accommodation) are covered by the organisers.
III. Jury rules
The articles made during the Competition will be juried on the 5th of September (Tuesday) starting at 4 PM by a committee with the following members:

1. Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Nikolov – ”St. St. Cyril and Methodius“ University of Veliko Tarnovo
2. Assoc. Prof. Ivan Kabakov – Sofia University ”St. Kliment Ohridski“
3. Plamen Malinov – an icon-painter at ”Etar“ Ethnographic Open-Air Museum - Gabrovo

The results in the Competition will be announced on the 5th of September (Tuesday) during the ”Master's Night“.
IV. Prizes
Grand Prix – the “Silver Cow-Bell“, an honorary diploma, a money prize (BGN 600) and the right for a bazaar exhibition at the ”Etar“ Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in 2018.

Municipality of Gabrovo Special Prize – a diploma and a money prize (BGN 500)

”Etar“ Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Special Prize – a diploma and a money prize (BGN 400)

”Young Craftsman“ Prize – a diploma and a money prize (bestowed only on certain occasions)
V. Specific terms for foreign participants:
The costs for the organisation of the exhibition outside the territory of Bulgaria shall be on the account of the winner. In case the winner refuses to carry out a bazaar exhibition, the organizers shall make the decision to transfer this right to another participant.

The participants in the Competition organise themselves and on their own account the paperwork and expenses for importing the second article (work of art) in the Craftsman Competition.
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