International Craftsman's Bazaar - Exhibition
54 master artsisans with contribution to the preservation of their craft take part in the Fair. This happens after a special invitation, sent by the organizers and without payment of any fees. 29 foreigners and 25 Bulgarians offer their articles and demonstrate their skills in traditional techniques. The foreign artisans present themselves with wood carving, stone masonry, carpet weaving, pottery, painting of furniture, lace making, felt, traditional embroidery, etc. at the bazaar-exhibition. The Bulgarian craftsmen practise iron smithy, cutlery, coppersmith's trade, cooperage, weaving, icon-painting, wood carving, whittling, packsaddle making, harness -making, shoe making, pottery, stone masonry, confectionery, basket weaving, Kalofer's lace making, knitting works, painted eggs,mummer's masks, antique weapon, bone and beads ornaments.

Location: "Etar" museum
Start: 1st of September, at 10:00 am
End: 3rd of September, at 6:00 pm
International Craftsman's Competition In Silversmith's Trade
Artisans from 5 countries (Malta, Roumania, Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria) participate in the Craftsman's competition in 2023.

There are two varieties in the jewellery craft - goldsmith's and silversmith's trade and making of jewels from non-precious metals as copper, zinc, lead and "dudiya" – an alloy from zinc and tin. Today, as it was and in the past, there is not a full division between these varieties in the craft.
The craftsman's competition recreates the bets among the artisans, organized in the past in the the Bulgarian Revival Period. The winner receives the big award Silver Cowbell, a monetary prize and a right for a one-man show at "Etar" museum.

Location: Museum centre
Start: 1st of September, at 10:30 am
End: 3rd of September, at 3:00 pm
National Youth Competition In Jeweller's Skills
For fourth time in succession a youth section is organized at the Craftsman's competition. In 2023 pupils from specialty "Artistic Processing of Metals" from the National High-School of Applied Arts "St. Luka" in Sofia and students with specialty "Metal" from the National Academy of Arts join the initiative of the museum. The winner receives award "Bronze Cowbell" and the educational institution – a right for a bazaar - exhibition in the next year.

Location: Museum centre
Start: 1st of September, at 1:30 pm
End: 3rd of September, at 4:30 pm
International Scientific Forum "The Traditional Crafts: Contemporary Reflections"
2nd of September

The forum will be in two sections in the hall of Balkan Hotel and in hall of the University.
Moderators: Vania Doneva and Zhustin Toms

Stay tuned for details!
Photographic Exhibition
"Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage In the Lists of UNESCO"
Exhibition hall above the walnut oil workshop, 30th of August – 31st of October

Stay tuned for details!
"Crafts With Future"
Museum centre, second floor, 1st – 30th of September

Stay tuned for details!
Photographic Exhibition with Head Cloths
Vision, Narrative, Touch
Exhibition hall above the walnut oil workshop, 1st – 25th of September

Stay tuned for details!
Bazaar - Exhibition
Art Zone
Situated in the Museum centre, the exhibition is with the purpose of popularizing the craftsman's culture through the author's hand of six creative artists who present the modern application of traditional craftsman's techniques.

In this edition the Art Zone meets a famous calligrapher who writes out types by hand with various instruments; the first Bulgarian pipe - maker who has brought in the craft from Czech Republic; a innovative luthier who shows the fine points in making rebecks; a craftswoman of art dolls from natural materials; creator of origami wallets and a master of dry and wet felting.

The initiative upgrades the already established partnership between "Etar" museum and the visual artist and professional photographer Rosina Pencheva and her author's project "Created By Hand". A photographer's diary, documenting Bulgarian artists of rare crafts.

Location: Museum centre
Start: 1st of September, at 1:30 pm
End: 3rd of September, at 4:30 pm
Photographic competition
Ethno Objective: Fair of Crafts
Professional and amateur photographers may participate in the competition, without limitation in the age. There is no participation fee. The topic of the competition is the Crafts Fair. All photographs should be taken during the 18th International Fair of Traditional Crafts(1st -3rd of September, 2023, "Etar" museum).

Applications for registration in the competition are accepted until 15th of August, 2023 at e-mail: The first 10 applicants to the competition receive accreditation for free access to the museum territory in the period 1st -3rd of September, 2023. All the rest, after paying one-off entrance fee for visiting "Etar" museum, also have right for accreditation for access to the museum in the three days of the Fair.

Application form
More information about the requirements to the photos and copyrights, you can read here.
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